Not Far Behind.

Everett, Mass. got a good boost last week with the granting of a expanded gaming license and the construction of a new Wynn Casino. This is will be a real and needed economic revitalization for this area.

But like all things political not everyone wins unfortunately. Suffolk Downs Will Be Closing In December. I'll Predict Rockingham Park Won't Be Far Behind

Suffolk Downs which has been running since 1935 has announced that it is scaling back and closing permanently in December. Part of this is sad but the reality has been known for a long time: thoroughbred horse racing, as an industry and sport is dying. I've been in Kentucky and it's dying down there. Farms that have been breeding race horses for generations are either being sold or subdivided into to condos and manufactured housing. The only horse racing tracks that are succeeding are the ones like Penn National that are anchored by a nearby casino operation(s) where a portion of the revenue has to be dedicated to the track.

I've been to Rockingham Park in Salem and Scarborough Downs in Scarborough, Maine recently, my prediction  is that unless something happens within the next 1-2 years both of these tracks, like Suffolk Downs will close as well.

Their histories are similar to that of Suffolk.