Throwing Rose Petals.

For whatever reason(s) I'm still thinking about the 19% voter turnout for the recent primary, actually in northern NH it was lower than this, it was closer on average to about a 11.5% turnout.

Either the voters had a decisive reason for not voting such as work or they are/were generally pleased with the way things are running in the granite state. My guess continues to be the latter.

The Recent Election Turnout Was Poor. This Elevates The Position And Stature of Gov. Hassan.Case in point. Gov. Hassan is going to be in town this week and all of the politicos in town whether this is Republican or Democrat are throwing rose petals for her. I've been reading all week 'Guest Editorials' praising Gov. Hassan and what the future may bring for the north country.

Honorarium befit a saint or saintlike stature.

I think the statistics of 81% percent of the NH population not even voting possibly creates this environment.

Guess it works for them.