When Strategy Isn't Enough.

It must be quite something to be inside the Walt Havenstein for NH Governor campaign. They've got every political resource known, market analysis, pinpoint analysts the capability to amass money and the support of the well established political elite in New Hampshire.

The one thing that this campaign is missing: a clear shot to win.

The primary is over and as one of the 19% that actually voted in this state I still don't have a clear idea as to what Walt wants to do if he is elected. Whether this is the state budget or even the controversial Northern Pass and the towers that will march to the sea. It's probally very interesting to be a part of the Walt Havenstein campaign.

This is one of the problems in being surrounded by 'experts' and establishment. They might actually be analyzing themselves right out the market; or at least an alternative to Gov. Hassan and the power of incumbency that will do well with a low voter turnout in the general election which, with a 30% statewide turnout will be more than stunning.