Not Feeding New Hampshire

Previously, and months ago I had done some reporting on the NH Food Bank and the important work that it does in New Hampshire. Yesterday, I learned that my unnamed employer has made another donation to the NH Food Bank and that it was done in either conjunction and/or consultation with Feeding

At first I thought this was going to be yet another non-profit, do gooder under the banner, "food for the hungry."It's not my impression as to what this is. Actually, I think this website has some interesting information about hunger, food nutrition across the U.S. and here in New Hampshire.

And then it dawned on me... Gov. Maggie Hassan caters and campaigns to the achievement class in New Hampshire

Neither one of the Gubernatorial candidates has said anything about hunger or poverty in New Hampshire, and what they propose to do about it. And these are statistics that exist, daily.

Neither one has said anything.

Gov. Hassan was here in the north country recently and she gave a wonderful, well received speech about her ideas involving the "innovation economy"and how achievement like STEM moves New Hampshire forward. I'm thinking that Gov. Hassan is so busy achieving and catering to the achievement class that the shelves at the NH Food Bank and the people that depend on this don't actually even exist.

1 in 7 are malnouished in New Hampshire.