Let The Camels Run.

I'm glad that I don't like in Belknap county.

$52 million dollar jail proposed the delegation is opposed, and then the more recent drama. Line item budget transfers. This isn't robbing peter to pay paul this is political back scratching 101.

I thought that when the delegation got the injuction in Superior Court that to stop: "line item transfers in excess of $300.00 pursuant to state law." This would be the end of the issue.

Apparently not. The Camel Gets His Head In The Tent And The Tendency Is To Want To Stay There

I'm reading that the Belknap County Commissioners have decided to appeal the decision of the Superior Court. I'd question this move including the fees that will paid to the lawyers to represent the commissioners.

State law is clear: It's the County Delegation not the Commissioners that decide the county budget including all capital appropriations. The commissioners can't move money around simply because they want to pay an expense like medical insurance.

Why are the commissioners appealing this decision? Once the camel gets his head in the tent the camel thinks that it wants to stay there and what is in the tent belongs to him. It doesn't.

The Belknap County Commissioners Are Taking Actions That Are Against State Law. I'm now going to interject my own personal experience here: County Commissioner John Thomas was once a Rep. and in the house leadership during my two terms in the NH House. Actually, he was often in the vice chair slot of Science, Technology & Energy while then chair Rep. Jeb Bradley was off somewhere talking to lobbyists and carrying their water for them.

I think Rep. Thomas had too much of the Marine Corps. Gunnery Sargeant mentality, very little imagination and he seemed to get angry at anyone that would dare challenge his position(s) especially when it's clear that he is in the leadership and because of this it's his decision. Rank is a thing that is worn. Respect is a thing that is earned.

It comes as no surprise to me that there is friction between the Belknap County Commissioners and the Belknap County Delegation.