Who The Hell Wants To Be In Platinum

I'm really liken (liken isn't a word) amazon.com especially the book section. They have a really good recommendation feature connected to the browse function that does what it says: it recommends different books.

It's a journey that has taken me places I never thought I'd go.

Right now I'm reading the sample version of the book, Who The Hell Wants To Be In Platinum. It's a $7.00 purchase with all the proceeds going to charity.

In any case it's about the history of 'white gold' and it mining in South Africa. Like all things geopolitical it's very interesting. Haven't even reached the half way mark but it also gets into some of the politics of South Africa as well. My initial thoughts is why there isn't an OPEC in Africa.

White gold. Black gold. Money, politics and power and it's always about the money.