Panama Canal 2016

For a time I believed that the completion and opening of the deepened Panama Canal would not have a really big effect upon the northeast and/or New Hampshire.

Now I'm not so sure of this....An Enlarged Panama Canal Could Be Decisive For Many East Coast Ports But Not New Hampshire.

Multiple sources are now saying that the Panama Canal will breathe new life into many U.S. east coast ports including Boston and Portland, Maine. And many things will happen: whether this is goods arriving and departing from pacific rim countries or cruise ships enroute to next port of call.

Portsmouth, NH and the NH State Port Authority could do something with this but they won't. There isn't the political leadership in Concord to do anything but tread water which is unfortunate.

Leadership New Hampshire. The Ballad Of Missed Opportunities.I'm actually a supporter of the recent Union Leader article to transform the NH State Port Authority into "upscale condos." In this way, at least the state will be able to capture the revenue from the condos and the multi million dollar shipping contracts will all be going to Boston and Portland anyway.