Standing Against It.

Granite Grok has a really good blog about newly sworn in Executive Councilor David Wheeler. I'm confident that it is true to fact, and if so I think if Councilor Wheeler continues on this start things might actually get better instead of worse.

The article basically goes like this: Councilor Wheeler in one of his first acts in this office attempted to return Executive Council oversight to state contracts below $25,000.00 which has been done since the Executive Council was created by King Charles II of England.

Take a wild guess what happened? Brushes Aside Executive Council Oversight For Contracts Below $25,000.00

You guessed right Gov. Maggie Hassan simply brushed the idea aside.

Executive Councilor Wheeler should be applauded for his actions. He cetrainly doesn't need to cut with a knife at this point or the start of his political term, but he did. This is leadership.

Executive Councilor Wheeler could have easily just, "gone along." with the two term Governor but he didn't. This is leadership.

If more elected officials and individuals in general start asking more question(s) of the corner office the whole environment of New Hampshire will improve.