Research Against NH Politics.

This is a draft of a letter to the Editor that I'm working on.

It's needs more research and facts. And I'm asking myself "Do I really want to take the time to do this research?" And it could take hours, everything from looking at financial statements to verifying the depth of the Piscatequa River in Portsmouth.

This is what I don't like but understand about NH politics.

The individuals in power don't have to do anything except sit back and practice "business as usual" or, "that is just the way that it is." And it wouldn't matter how much work or compelling unpaid research I put into this. Like demonstrating how the NH State Port Authority costs taxpayers millions of dollars-- and has no future in the world of commerce once the enlarged Panama Canal opens in 2016.


Portsmouth Press Herald, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Newly constructed Panama Canal Locks. The NH State Port Authority has no future in the world of commerce. But it would take some research to prove this. I don't think the NH politicans like Gov. Hassan would care anyway.

To The Editor:

  In mid 2016 the enlarged Panama Canal will re-open after years of dredging and widening. This will change the entire face of transportation and commerce on a global scale. And it's also a reason why the NH State Port Authority needs to close.

  Large ships called Panamax vessels will transit through Panama laden with goods from places like China, Singapore and Vietnam. Instead of calling at U.S. west coast ports for unloading, they'll be sailing right through to their final destinations: here on the east coast. Most of this massive ship traffic will go to New York/New Jersey but some will go to Boston and possibly Portland, Maine.

  These Panamax vessels won't be coming to Portsmouth, the draft of the Piscatequa River is too shallow, and this is before a discussion of the NH State Port Authority is even considered. Overseen by DRED at a cost of $7.2. million dollars a year, the NH State Port Authority is small, antiquated and lacks even the basic intermodal capacity to make it more than anything of a place to dump rusty scrap metal and retreaded tires. It's performance it about the same: continual turnover in contract operators,lack of new business and a politically based governance that espouses: "that's just the way that it is." Both Boston and Portland are advancing strategy to be successful with the arriving Panamax vessels. No such strategy exists for the NH State Port Authority.

  The NH State Port Authority has no future in the world of commerce. There has been at least one idea to sell this facility and re develop it into mixed use and condominiums. This is a quality idea it would do alot for Portsmouth and the NH taxpayers and be significantly more than what is going to happen after 2016.