The Jasper Advise.

1000 pieces of legislation have been filed.

I remember during freshmen orientation the NH House Leadership including Speaker Harold Burns were actively encouraging legislators to not file LSRs as "it's costs about $1,100.00 to file each bill."

This is a crock.

It doesn't cost anywhere near this. What it does is create work for the leadership to account for and track these bills many of which will be killed anyway. I didn't have much respect for Speaker Burns after he said this and as the session wore on I less respect for his office and his leadership team like Majority Leader David Scanlan when they would make statement(s) to the effect that: "You get elected to run a state not your specific district."

This is another crock.

What they are really saying is when the Speaker and the leadership tell you to vote a certain way this is the way you are supposed to vote.

Nothing ever changes. Do As You Are Told.


I'm hearing that Speaker Jasper is advising legislators to not file legislation: "unless Gov. Hassan approves of it."

Like asking the Gov. for permission to file legislation.

I'd say something is really wrong here, but nothing ever changes, would be a better description.