Chasing The Contango.

In a post below there is a draft letter to the Editor about the NH State Port Authority that remains unsent. I'm not planning on sending it out of a feeling of responsibility. A responsibility as a writer to be writing about factual issues before making a report (even a letter to the Editor) to the general public.

But I'm still concerned and to some extent frustrated about what to do next....

Anything politics and policy is a substantial amt. of work. By my own calculation(s) I could easily spend 8-9 hours researching the various financial and policy issues that I've described in my letter to the Portsmouth Press Herald.

Should I do this work?I have some concerns about the NH State Port Authority and its justification. But it's still a question of doing the research to verify and substantiate these concerns.

I've now downloaded the entire NH state budget, some 1155 pages, proposed for 2015 including the Pease Development Authority, which has responsibility for the NH State Port Authority. My concerns continue, I'm still looking at the number(s) provided but I still have the same type of thoughts about the operations at the NH State Port Authority. It costs alot of taxpayer money to operate in a world where it will have no real viability, or even the potential to be viable.

I'm also thinking about contacting some elected officials on the seacoast about my concerns and what they might have to say.