It's Better Over Here.

Every time I get frustrated about what is happening, or not happening here in New Hampshire I go over to Vermont.

And I feel much better about New Hampshire.

Vermont is in deep trouble.

Yesterday I reported on the passed Internet Sales Tax. Today I'm hearing of it's consequences. Companies like are refusing to pay this tax, and instead terminating it's reseller relationships and passing through the tax to consumers, some of which have stated their desire to "move across the river." I hope that they do. This might be an image but the reality in Vermont is much different than this.

And it doesn't get better. The auditors report has come out about "tax collection" of this new internet tax. The State of Vermont is collecting roughly 1/10th of what they "thought they would collect when this tax was implemented." Let's put this another way: this is 10%. So assuming "they thought" $250,000.00 would be "collected" they are actually getting $25,000.00.

This won't even pay for the costs to collect the money.

See what I mean about feeling better about New Hampshire