Selling Moar Gunz In NH

I've recently found myself involved in a number of situations involving weapons.

The first one was last nite in the break room at my employment at the saltmine in central NH. In any case at least three of my co-workers two whom were "temps" and one that I actually know were talking about "getting a permit for a machine gun." They were actually planning on purchasing it "tax free"here in New Hampshire. I don't know, or care which particular model but wouldn't find it surprising that it would be a newly manufactured AK-47 under Russian design standards, which has made the news recently as trade sanction(s) are in effect with Russia, but apprantly weapon sales don't qualify under the sanction(s)? Russian Designed AK-47 Assault Rifle. To Be Sold In "Tax Free" New Hampshire.

So let's move on..

"So why do you need a machine gun?" I asked the threesome sitting around a circular table. They responded blankly. I'm expecting to hear the big ole Second Amendment charge. It's an important constitutional right to own a machine gun. Or any weapon that is capable of firing numerous rounds in automatic, rapid succession.

"Is somebody treatening you?" I say and then continue on with an add-on: "Have you gone through any type of weapons handing training?"Again, no answers to my question not even an attempt.

I'll stop short of calling this ignorance. But that is what is.

I went through extensive weapons training in the U.S. Coast Guard. It was a challenge in everything from general weapons handling to judgmental shooting procedures to the maintenance requirements for both the weapons and more importantly, the ammunition which can also be as dangerous as the weapon.

Should the sale of automatic weapons be restricted in New Hampshire?

I say the answer to this question should be "yes" and it has nothing to do with some of the violence that has happened in places like Newtown, Connecticut. Any individual wants to own a weapon like this they should be required to take the same courses, (and pass); that the military is required to for use of these automatic weapons. They are designed for military use.

I'm confident that nothing will be done. This is another example of how New Hampshire and Gov. Hassan are failing. Instead of declaring an emergency due to a "winter storm" which happens in the granite state they should be asking the same question(s) that I am.

Why does anybody need to own an AK-47 Assault Rifle?