Sen. Bradley Paranoia.

I've recently found myself in a number of situations involving weapons.

This is one of them...

I'm now reading that former member of Congress and current State Senator Jeb Bradley is a primary sponsor and activist behind expanding "concealed carry licenses in NH." This is a license that enables a person to carry a firearm concealed.

I'll now interject my own bias. And I've said this before. Sen. Bradley was chairman of my assigned committee, Science, Technology & Energy during my second term in the NH House. I was never impressed with his performance. It always seemed to me that he was more interested in serving and pleasing he lobbyists than he was in serving his district. I can remember once during a contentious public hearing the "pushing and shoving" lobbyists took the best seats in the committee room leaving the general public to stand in the hallway.

He could have cared less. This Legislative Session Will Prove To Be Nothing More Than A Distraction. We Need A Return To Biennial Legislative Sessions.

But let's move on. Why does anybody need to carry a concealed weapon in New Hampshire? What exactly are these reason(s)? Is a source of protection against a threat, what exactly is this threat?

I've also said that this legislative session will be nothing more than a distraction.

This concealed carry legislation is an example of this.