Not The Only One.

Several blogs ago I reported on my concerns about the NH State Port Authority.

It now appears that I'm not the only one with these type of concerns.

Representative Cali-Pitts from Rockingham District #20 has introduced H.B. 144, which is legislation that would consider the future of the NH State Port Authority. The bill is now before the Public Works Committee. Think the hearing on it is today or tomorrow. House Bill 144 calls for a study of the NH State Port Authority. Quality idea in a political environment.

I really support the idea and intention of H.B. 144 as I don't believe the NH State Port Authority even has a future once the Panama Canal opens in 2016. But lets move on:

It was my direct experience in the NH House that leadership often does not like "study committees." which H.B. 144 is. There are lots of issues with "study committees" the appointment of members is a large part of this. The agenda, direction and implemention of the final product is yet another. I also know that that many members of the state senate do not like "study committees" either.

I'll now make a prediction here: H.B. 144 passes the house and gets killed in the senate. This is politics.

I'm not trying to discourage the idea here because H.B. 144 is a very quality idea. Something clearly needs to happen at the NH State Port Authority, but I still don't think a study committee would be the way to make anything happen.

A better route to go would be for Rep. Cali-Pitts to put together of consortium of legislators and stakeholders in Portsmouth and parties that do business with the port. This would require alot of hours, leg work and effective communication. I think the only real chance for the NH State Port Authority, as an operating port would be to merge and become a direct subsidiary of either the ports of Boston or Portland, Maine.

Again alot of hard work would have to be done to make an idea like this happen. A study committee cannot replace hard work either.