To Blog Up Or Bust.

I'm writing today to make what I consider to be a small, inconsequential announcement: I'm starting a new endeavor or blog. It will end up somewhere or go bust.

I've started my own blog it's at:

To say it's a work in progress would be an understatement, a work in progress would require some actual knowledge to complete the work. My knowledge is from reading one book about guess what, blogging!!!

In any case I hope to use this new blogsite as a complement to my blog here at I hope to expand into some content areas in politics, commerce and strategy. The world is circular not flat.

But I'm still unsure of where this new endeavor is going to go only the ideas will guide this. I'm thinking about the Brad Pitt line in the movie, "Fury"

-"Ideas are peaceful, history is violent."

Thanks for spending some time on my blogs!