Dirty Windows.

Several weeks ago, I considered writing and sending a letter to the Editor of the Portsmouth Press Herald about my concerns of the operations of the NH State Port Authority. I didn't send it in as it needed more research into the issue. It still does...

Since that time I've learned that there is actual legislation H.B. 144 before the House Public Works Committee relative to the NH State Port Authority and it's future, of lack thereof. I think I'm looking through a dirty window towards the NH State Port Authority,

This presents somewhat of a problem for me. For starters I'm now of the realization that I'm actually looking through some dirty windows towards this whole issue. In other words in all likelihood I only have a small amt. of information towards the whole issue(s); this is also more substance as to why I didn't send in the letter to the Editor.

What to do?

I've also since learned that a legislator that represents my town happens to serve on the Public Works Committee. So I think the best thing to do is to contact her with my concern(s) including H.B. 144 and hopefully if nothing else she might be able to help me see through the window.