To Influence Legislation


This is a quick five minute draft, I'm working on some ideas relative to H.B. 144 as it sits for consideration in the House Public Works Committee.

Dear Rep. Hennessey, Grafton District #11

I'm writing to you to express my concern over House Bill 144 which is currently under consideration by your committee. I'm interested in the operation(s) of the NH State Port Authority and what I feel is it's lack of a direction and a future all at NH taxpayer expense.

As you know House Bill 144 calls for a "study committee" to consider the future of the NH State Port Authority. I don't think a study is needed or relevant to the issues that surround the NH State Port Authority, all of which are already known and well documented.

The NH State Port Authority which is overseen by the Pease Development Authority cannot be commercially viable for a number(s) of strategic and economic reasons. For starters the enlarged Panama Canal is scheduled to open in 2016 both Boston and Portland, Maine will see an upsurge of ship borne traffic due to this. The NH State Port Authority will not. The Piscatequa River will not accept large ships for entry into the channel and even if it could the resources at Portsmouth are too limited for offloading and unloading.

To Be continued....