Twin State Railroad


This is a draft of a letter to the Editor that I'm working on. I don't expect it will go anywhere for the simple reason that it will cost money $$$ and it doesn't matter what side of the river that it is on.

To The Editor:

In early fall the Vermont Agency of Transportation solicited comments for the creation of it's transportation plan. I submitted comments that were accepted that the AOT needs to pursue a purchase of the Twin State Railroad line running between St. Johnsbury and Whitefield, N.H.

The line has been sitting rusting and abandoned since at least 2001. The purchase and re-activation of this rail line would improve commerce between Vermont and New Hampshire and would lower consumer prices in products like heating oil, wood pellets and frozen and perishable foods.

I think $350,000.00 would be a fair price for this line. Vermont needs to do this. If the state can't use it's power of first refusal to buy this line then the power of eminent domain should be considered.

Effective rail transportation is always in the public good.