The Ship Is Sinking.

It's going to be a good 2015.

I really like Gov. Hassan's inaugural speech, not for it's content but for what it is really being said, an admission.

"The ship is sinking and I'm still the captain." The optimism is all gone. The inaugural speech was an admission that the ship really is sinking.

Please take some time and compare this speech with the first term Gov. Hassan.

It's all gone. And I mean gone. The polished optimism, the future an "innovation economy." STEM, education the wonderful little robots, thanking people for their service; a decisive plan to balance the state budget all put together in a neat package. Just like that.

Rather than admit defeat Gov. Hassan is now playing the attorney distraction game. Buy some time, hopefully the situation will improve with time. And it won't.

New Hampshire can't afford to pay it's needed, overworked Fish & Game conservation officers and Gov. Hassan is talking about stablizing if not advancing a failing state economy with a $250 million dollar rail service from Manchester to Boston.

I don't envy Gov. Hassan and what she is now overseeing and what it to come. It very well that her final legacy and political reputation will be one of failure, deficits and lack of leadership. This captain should go down with the ship.

She is putting us there.