Zumwalt Vote.

The Boston Globe has a very good-balanced article about defense spending.

It's about the Zumwalt Destroyer ship being built for the U.S. Navy at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. It attempts to answer or at least look at an age old question: spending on defense and is this really needed?The Zumwalt Is A State Of Art Weapons Platform With An Awsome Price Tag.

The Zumwalt is a state of the art weapons platform that happens to be on a stealth ready ship. Cruise missles, drones, helicopter gunships, electric railguns this ship has all of them. It has a weapons range capacity of at least 70 miles and can be deployed worldwide at a speed of 30 plus knots. It comes with an awesome price tag too: $22.5 billion.

The Boston Globe article said that this ship had the political support of Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts of which Raytheon is a contractor, and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. I believe the Bath Iron Works Shipyard would be closed now if they hadn't got this contract from the U.S. Navy.

The question I'm asking: Is this ship needed? Initially the total order was for 32 ships then it was cut to fifteen then cut to three. And how would the NH Congressional Delegation vote on a ship that is as expensive as this one?NATO Is Growing In Membership. Perhaps NATO Members like Iceland, Canada and Denmark Can Help Pay For The Zumwalt

NATO seems to be growing in size in geostrategic importance, for example I'm understanding that Iceland is now a member of NATO and is now paying for at least some of it's national defense instead of letting United States provide this for free. Might NATO countries start help paying for ships like the Zumwalt?