Transition To Nothing.

Yesterday I tried to watch Secretary of State John Kerry recent interview with Al Jazerra-English about Syria. I almost had to turn it off. An issue as important as this one and this was more of defining how an excuse works, rather than a policy response from a top diplomat.

Sect'y Kerry couldn't seem to get way from this undefined idea of "transition" as proposed by the UN. And how did the UN arrive at this decision?

In any case I decided to watch President Putin's recent speech before the UN on largely the same subject, from the speech:Sect'y John Kerry Reminds Me Of Gov. Maggie Hassan. A Pretext.

"Today we provide military-technical assistance to Syria, and other regional countries fighting terrorists. We think it's a big mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian authorities and the government forces that valiantly fight terrorists on the ground. We should admit finally that President Assad's government forces and the Kurdish militia are the only forces fighting terrorists in Syria."  "Dear colleagues, I must note that such an honest and frank approach on Russia's part has been recently used as a pretext for accusing it of it's growing ambitions- as if to say that we have no ambitions at all."