E-85 Ethanol Subsidies

I'm reading a good book right now, Merchants of Grain. I've just started it but the idea of it is what I'm grabbing at. Basically, five companies (international conglomerates) controlling over 90% of the world's food supply.Just Started Reading This Book. It's About Control Of Food Production.

The book was written in 2000 but I think the whole premise is valid. Control.

Several months back I wrote about the sale of the Canadian Wheat Board to private interests and what this means..... Control. The very food we eat, and it's ownership and how it is grown and how it is distributed and ultimately the price that is set for this food. It all comes down to one powerful word. Control.

It's true that the Canadian Wheat Board has become a public, taxpayer fed bureaucracy but it's shareholders were the citizens and farmers in Canada; not a limited liability corporation based in New York or Geneva, Switzerland.

Or both.

Remember the Ethanol Subsidies here in the United States?, what is the status of this? This is one of those issues that doesn't make the headlines anymore with the prices of corn, soybeans and wheat now at almost rock bottom prices there shouldn't be any subsidies at all.

But that isn't the way politics works.