Remember The Voters.

It's too early for attack strategy in the race for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire.

I'm sure the well-established political strategists and their money pits will disagree with this statement. I'm not a strategist but from the perspective as a voter I'm thinking that Sen. Ayotte isn't going to do very well in this next election. In my last post I looked at the federal election in Canada and what this could mean "on the ground."

Canada is out neighbor to the north and what applies there most certainly applies here. And I think Sen. Kelly Ayotte has disappointed if not failed the more conservative elements of the Republican Party. The same conservative elements that, if they fail to vote, could hand this election to Gov. Maggie Hassan.

I'm from the North Country and I've never seen Sen. Kelly Ayotte "north of the notches" never mind having a discussion about what she has accomplished during the last six years. Say what you want about Sen. Judd Gregg, there was hardly ever a month that went by when there wasn't a press release about something that was being done for New Hampshire. It's not my sense that Sen. Ayotte has the same type of dedication to this office.