Vote Today. Direction Tommorrow.

The Federal elections are today (Monday) up in Canada.

The outcome of this election will say alot.

There are alot of people including many on this board that believe individual liberty should trump over all. The issues really aren't important, it's an argument for freedom. If the government starves and things aren't being done that is okay--as long as the liberty and it's associated agenda are moving forward. For example, Sen. Ted Cruz born in Canada, is running heavily on themes of liberty and he is doing well in his campaign. Columnist George Will has even stated that: "Cruz now has a narrow shot at the presidency."

I think the real problem with this whole liberty theme is that issues of substance and importance either get ignored or they become isolated which is the same thing as being ignored. But people are free and that is what is most important.Canadian Elections Are Today. The Outcome Will Say Something.IF PM Harper is Re-Elected Look To Smaller Government In Canada.This Is Good And Bad.

Iin Canada the current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper seems to cater to the liberty ideal. He supports privitatization and reducing the size of government, which in Canada is socialistic meaning it's designed to serve all of the population, not just a few. If Harper gets re-elected this says to me that this liberty ideal really is the desire of the land. And the last thought I'll leave you with: the Canadian Dollar is down in financial value against every major currency in the world including, to a limited extent, the Brazilian Real and the Russian Ruble. Every economist I've read blames the impact of commodity prices and global market conditions. I don't believe this for a millisecond. When the price of any currency goes down I blame politicians and central bankers.

The voters in Canada should be doing this as well. For The Simple Reason That They Are Getting Less From Their Political Leadership. The Canadian Dollar Demonstrates This.