Dangling The Money Carrot.

As all of you all now undoubtedly know, Eversource has submitted it's state application.

And now the money carrot game begins. In snotty, upscale Sugar Hill for example to a huge surprise I'm seeing that they are actually jumping at this. And I can't believe this.

One of the selectmen after hearing about the Eversource tax proposal (market vs. book value) actually said "we'll tax revenues are declining."This Is Getting Closer. Local Tax Revenue May Seal The Deal.

Of course they are declining.

Name any small business or even a family dwelling that can sustain the continual local tax increases and state fees that are assessed everywhere. And I'm entirely confident that when it comes down to the all mighty dollar in the end many of these communities that: "are opposed" to the Northern Pass will accept it.

And the towers marching to the sea will be the NH landscape.