Wasting Political Capital.

For the longest time both Republican and Democratic members of Congress from the NH Second Congressional District have been expending and wasting both time and political capital on an idea that has no future in the Granite State.

Passenger Rail to Nashua, Manchester and Concord.

I can actually remember back when Congressman Dick Swett had numerous press releases and speeches in places like Lowell, Mass touting the benefits of this whole flawed idea. But however, in 2015 it looks like all this might be coming to an end.

Horrah for that! Politicians Like Rep. Kuster have wasted alot of time on flawed ideas like the RAIL.Hopefully this is coming to an end.

At a recent rail conference in Nashua sponsored and pushed by Rep. Kuster the Chairman of the NH Rail Transit Authority stated they are done studying this flawed idea. Their focus now is upon implementation. Good luck with this.

Assuming the Federal Government is willing to dump $50 million into the total project costs this leaves the state portion of $25 million not including the yearly operating subsidies of $7 million dollars a year.

Where is this money going to come from? (Appropriations).

New Hampshire is a state that isn't funding enough corrections officers in the state prison, this is a state that can't open a "crisis unit"at the state hospital and is facing capital delays in alot of categories including payments to vendors.

And the legislaure fiscal committee is going to authorize $32 million dollars for a special interest rail project. I'm confident this won't happen. And hopefully this will be the end of it.