Turning It Around.

The federal elections are over in Canada and a new prime minister will take office. Now some of the real work will begin. Right now I'm wondering why the markets haven't responded to the outcome of this election.

The Canadian Dollar should be higher than it is. It's still trading in a narrow band of 74.5 to 75.3 give or take a few points, and not a year and a half ago it was trading for 94.0. It's value really has declined alot against the U.S. Dollar-- and I'm not finding any real substance for this decline.

"Yeah, it's the economy stupid."

Another mystery is why New Hampshire isn't taking greater advantage of this decline in currency valuation to literally grow the economy in the granite state. The U.S. dollar has much greater purchasing power now in everything from crude oil to lumber.The Canadian Dollar Is Down Significantly This Should Be An Opportunity, But It Isn't.