Bath Covered Bridge.

Several days ago enroute to New York I decided to take a short cut through the Bath Covered Bridge, left to river road and then over the Ray Burton Bridge to downtown Woodsville and Route 302 west.

The Bath Covered Bridge is how words might describe this awesome!

I'd always remembered it as an old, creaky and groaning wooden bridge and each time I've crossed it always had the image of my car crashing though the wooden boards and down onto the mighty Ammonoosuc River below. Well, today all of this is gone and I mean really gone.The Bath Covered Bridge Is Awesome.

For starters the deck of the historic structure, which still wooden is basically smooth all the old creeks are gone. Actually, it's been replaced by what I'd term a synthetic sound almost like wood rubbing against hard plastic or a composite type of substance. It led to my speculation that oriented strand board was used. OSB is a type of lumber that is injected with a plastic type of composite. Not only is it stronger than traditional lumber but it lasts alot longer as well. But I'm not certain OSB was used on this bridge.

But it's the lighting that really makes the whole scene. The lights actually enhance the natural light that comes in and, hard to describe make the whole bridge and its construction hard to miss or appreciate.