Yes, The Government Does Create Jobs.

There are many, especially in Republican and Libertea based circles that believe that "government does not create jobs."

I'm reading reports in the Portland Press Herald right now that not only refute this but demonstrate that this is completely false. As reported, the International Marine Terminal in Portland, Maine is now nearing completion and should begin operations within the next "several months."This is the International Marine Terminal off Commercial Street In Portland. The Casco Bay Bridge To So. Portland Is To The Left.

Think jobs. Lots of jobs.

All which have been created through efforts of various state agencies in Maine and there are several; this is in addition to the bonds that were issued to advance this whole capital project that will be used by companies like L.L. Bean and Poland Springs water to expand and improve their sales markets.

Yes, the guverment did that.

This is the real issue I'm having here in New Hampshire. It seems that anything that can happen that is meaningful, either gets killed by infighting, lobbyists or the sheer shortsightedness of those in power. And it doesn't matter which political party is behind it.

So nothing gets done.