Breeders Cup 2015

It's a slow blog day, actually from a political standpoint it's pretty depressing. Is there enough discussion about heroin abuse and what the politicians are doing about it?

Apparently, there isn't enough the large issue that it is.

In any case, for various reasons I missed both the Kentucky Derby and the racing at the famed Saratoga Racetrack this year. In any case, the day after tomorrow I'm hoping to make up for it. The Breeder's Cup is this Friday and Saturday, October 30, 31 at the Keeneland Racetrack in Kentucky.

I'm not going to Kentucky, but I am going to the Saratoga Raceway and Slots and it's simulcast of this race which reportedly is featuring some high action entries from Saudi Arabia, the country that is supposedly running out of cash due to low oil prices.

I'll bet that the best is yet to come....