Inching It Decisively Forward.

Within the last day or two Maine Senator Susan Collins had a press release that I think will have some very positive and dramatic effects upon economic development and jobs.

It's too bad we don't have this same type of iniative here in New Hampshire.

Sen. Collins announced the passage of the Maine Regional Railways Project,a $20 million dollar federal grant program that will rehabilitate some 384 miles of railroad line and improve related infrastructure that will lead to improved transportation capability in Maine. Initially I was opposed to this as I believed it was yet another, pork-special interest project designed to benefit the few at the expense of the many.The Small Port of Searsport Will Be Upgraded Thanks To Sen. Collins. New Hampshire Should Be Doing A Project Like This. Where Are Sens. Shaheen and Ayotte?

But after reading the entire project, this isn't it at all. It's an effort to improve the operations of four separate railroad companies and bring older port facilities like Searsport into the 21st century. Basically, this whole project will improve access to global based markets and the economic value associated with this.

This is what we should be doing here in New Hampshire. Sens. Shaheen and Ayotte should be advancing either legislation and iniative to do a project like the Maine Regional Railways Project here in New Hampshire. Invest $20 million into the Granite State.

Now that would be an innovation economy.