A Tax On Carbon.

Each time I go to Vermont it gives me a different perspective of New Hampshire. Vermont is our western neighbor, but it is a different state. Its laws, it's culture it's politics are all different than New Hampshire.

And yesterday was an interesting day, at least from what I'm hearing. So I'm sitting in the Lyndon Freight house (neat place) in Lyndonville, Vermont waiting for the Washington County Railroad to come south from Canada and Newport, Vt and there is alot of talk of politics and legislation in the air.Vermont Is Proposing An .88 cent tax on gasoline to advance resources like this.A tax is still a tax.This would not pass in New Hampshire.

Legislation has been proposed in Montpelier to "put an .88 cent per gallon tax on unleaded gasoline to reduce carbon emissions and foster renewable energy use in local communities." A tax is always a tax but from what I'm understanding and hearing is that this .88 cents will generate about $80 million dollars in the first year, and it will also make many cars come across the river to New Hampshire to buy their gas!!!

But let's move on. I read through the list of where the funds from this tax would go, and it's certainly worthy of consideration. For starters many homes in Vermont would receive direct assistance, tax credits to upgrade their energy use. Whether this is solar, wood pellets or zone heating. This will be followed by public buildings like schools also being upgraded with new "energy" technology and away from more expensive fossil fuels. And lastly, is the part of this that I like: it would include efforts to upgrade small scale and local hydro projects. These would be smaller type of dams in local communities which, in the current market environment can't compete with other sources of power generation.

But an .88 cent tax on each gallon of gas is still a tax and for some a painful tax.

I don't know if this proposed legislation is going to pass. But it's an idea that is worthy of consideration.

It would not pass in New Hampshire. This is a different state.