Accuse Your Enemies.

Representative Leon Rideout has declared his candidacy for State Senate District #1. He is running in a contested Republican primary against Sugar Hill resident Dolly Mcphaul (sic).

When Rep. Rideout announced his campaign in the Caledonian Record newspaper I found this encouraging. As many of you already know I've been very disappointed with the lack of performance by the current Sen. Jeff Woodburn from Dalton. But after listening to an interview of Rep. Rideout on Granite Grok I'm not very encouraged anymore, I'm now thinking that Dolly Mcphaul (sic) might emerge as a very good compromise candidate and the environment in Senate District #1 might actually get better.

Let's hope....

It's interesting to listen to Rep. Rideout's reason(s) for running for the state senate. It's basically full of generalizations and no substance; almost exactly the same things I'd accuse Sen. Jeff Woodburn of. How does that saying go, "accuse your enemies of your own worst traits."Rep. Leon Rideout Is Running For Senate District #1. Right Now I'm Not Finding Much Substance In This Campaign.

So Rep. Rideout talks about things like "coordination of North Country legislators and legislation." But he doesn't say, or at least I didn't hear it, of how he would accomplish this. It's true that the North Country does need a coordinated effort to do things, but I've seen Sen. Jeanne Forrester do alot for this area which she doesn't even represent, and she just does it. Like the Nike commercial: Just Do It. This is what Rep. Leon Rideout should be doing-- stop talking and show the voters exactly what you are doing.

But let's move on. Rep. Rideout accuses Sen. Woodburn of "saying one thing, and going to Concord and doing another." As if politicians haven't been doing this since rocks were invented. Again, Rep. Rideout does not cite, or at least I didn't hear him cite, any specific examples of what he is saying.

I'll close this out with another idea. Both Sen. Woodburn and Rep. Rideout are supporters of the "Balsams Boondoggle." This is the proposed $28 million dollar state loan guarantee for finance a risky, speculative loan deal up in Dixville Notch. Accuse your enemies of your own worst traits. Both Sen. Woodburn And Rep. Rideout Are Supporters Of The Balsam's Boondoggle.

Like I said I think Dolly McPhaul could emerge as a quality compromise candidate against Rideout and Woodburn. I should learn to spell her name right before making political statements like this!!!!