Be Careful Voters.


To The Editor:

  Representative Leon Rideout from Lancaster is running for State Senate District #1.

  Rep. Rideout says in his announcement that things are not happening. "One of my priorities is to build a North Country team of not only senators, but of the county delegation and executive councilor and working together as a group to get out legislative priorities through Concord."Rideout said. The reference here is to that of the current Senator Jeff Woodburn, I'd have to question what the real motivations of Rep. Rideout are and exactly how he might accomplish this.

  Legislative priorities are important. My research shows that Rep. Rideout gets involved with political-ideological issues that have little to do with life in the North Country. Examples include: allowing guns in the statehouse and eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood. Rep. Rideout is pushing for the Balsams Bailout, a proposed $28 million dollar state loan guarantee to finance an unprecedented, risky real estate deal that could easily crash into the rocks. Be careful voters.