Kenney Performance.

Every time I'm ready to give up on NH politics something happens that at least gives a small glimpse of light into the situation. Very recently, a political race is heating up over State Senate District #1 and now I'm hoping, really hoping that the same type of political situation evolves in Executive Council District #1.Constituant Service Appears To Be Lacking.

As an Executive Councilor I think Joe Kenney has been a major disappointment. And there are some reason(s) for this. Lack of consituant service is probably the largest, and to this I'll ask a question: Do you know of anyone that has gotten a response from Councilor Joe Kenney? I don't. I gave up trying to contact his office about issues like state contracts. Now I contact Executive Councilor Chris Sununu who is always good about responding to questions/concerns about state government.

And it goes on from there. I read in the Union Leader of a proposed state contract for Manchester which isn't even in District #1. Councilor Kenney voted against the contract "as the mayor of Manchester didn't want it." Talk about a decisive reason. Later it was revealed that Kenney hadn't even spoken with the mayor of Manchester before casting his vote.

Is this an example of leadership?