Political Inexperience.


To The Editor:

Sugar Hill resident Dolly McPhaul is running for Senate District #1.

"People not government." McPhaul said about her reason for running in this geographically large district that includes borders with Vermont, Maine and the Province of Quebec. This is a political campaign that faces an uphill battle.

 "Our spectacular natural beauty should not be sacrificed for any reason." McPhaul said about the Eversource Northern Pass proposal to march high voltage transmission lines down from Hydro-Quebec and cut through the center of New Hampshire. This is an issue, but there are others; and candidate McPhaul offers no strategy or even ideas on how to advance the economy in the North Country including the loss of infrastructure and chronic unemployment. The McPhaul campaign is in a contested Republican primary against Rep. Leon Rideout of Lancaster who is also a selectmen. Rep. Leon Rideout understands the issues, I'd question whether this candidate  does. McPhaul herself has never served in elected office which could prove to be a decisive liability if she is elected. Her campaign website claims: "no responsibility to lobbyists." This isn't realistic. Many lobbyists in the statehouse have substantial experience and legitimate credibility. Not only do they know the legislative process, but without their genuine efforts many quality bills would not move forward.

It's still early in the process. But unless candidate Dolly McPhaul can come up with a strategy and subsance for senate district one, this is a political campaign that is nothing more than a cocktail conversation.