Bad Railroad Merger.

Draft II

To The Editor:

There was an announcement recently that could have a negative impact upon the local economies of both New Hampshire and Vermont.

The Canada based Canadian Pacific Railway has made an unsolicited offer to purchase the Norfolk Southern Railroad, which is a large rail carrier with a strategic presence in the Northeast. The Norfolk Southern has direct access to both New Hampshire and Vermont through it's ownership of Pan Am Southern, itself being the former Boston & Maine Railroad "west end" which is the rail lines west of Ayer, Massachusetts to Albany, New York and north of East Deerfield, Mass. along the NH/VT border to White River Junction, Vermont.

If this railroad merger is approved the Canadian Pacific Railway will control a major gateway and direct rail access to all of New England. This proposed rail merger will be expensive to execute as all rail mergers are. This will likely result in higher freight rates to and from New England, and even higher for interchange to light desity rail lines like what is operated in New Hampshire and Vermont. These higher freight rates would tranlate into higher consumer prices and very likely a loss in local jobs for businesses that are dependent on the rail.

Please contact Senator Kelly Ayotte at (603)-622-7979 or (603)-752-7702 and request that her office pressure the Surface Transportation Board to deny this railroad merger application and it's implications to both New Hampshire and Vermont.