Questions Progress

Senator Jeff Woodburn of Dalton is running for re-election for Senate District #1.

"It's all about the North Country our rural culture, values and way of life."Woodburn states in his official campaign announcement. First elected to this geographically expansive senate seat in 2013, the question is what has Sen. Jeff Woodburn actually done for the North Country?

The answer to this question might be more challenging than it seems. It's clear that the local economy is stalling and answers from Concord are not apparent. Sen. Jeff Woodburn is minority leader in the senate, a powerful position that should be able to deliver progress and results to a district that borders Vermont, Maine and the Province of Quebec. Just last week Sen. Woodburn was in a "leadership summit" at the suave Mountain View House in Whitefield, other than staged photo ops and champaign like toasts it would be interesting to see how much 'leadership' was actually generated there.

I don't think Sen. Jeff Woodburn has done anything except stand behind Gov. Maggie Hassan and her failed creation of an "innovation economy" in New Hampshire which in reality is a state budget deficit, heroin hysteria, and the never ending political angling for a campaign for U.S. Senate. The North Country deserves better than this.