Clean Coal. Bad Politics.

Senator Kelly Ayotte ran a radio ad about her recent vote for the Clean Air Act.

Coal is the commodity most politicians, including liberals and rinos like to hate. Haters of coal. The coal industry hasn't helped itself either, blowing off the top of mountains, strip mining, responses to accidents and the weak arguments against natural gas.

So the Ayotte radio ad talks about New Hampshire and "clean energy" like wind and solar. Is anyone actually listening to this? What are the costs for this "clean energy" placed alongside ol' reliable coal. Coal is the commodity that the politicians like to hate. And it looks like they've won with this Clean Air Act.Coal Is The Commodity Politicians Like To Hate. The Clean Air Act Will Have Its Consequences In New Hampshire.

Consider a 30% increase across the board for electric rates in New Hampshire. This will be very dramatic for a small business that has a profit margin of 7.5%. Since revenues have not expanded 30% this means layoffs, lots of layoffs.

The loss of coal means standby contracts in New Hampshire. This means that when the sun don't shine, or the wind does not blow electricity has to be bought to cover what solar and wind isn't providing. In this case, it will probably have to be imported likely from Canada. This is more cost for the NH Ratepayer.

To date, I haven't heard a real reason why Sen. Kelly Ayotte voted for the Clean Air Act. I'd speculate that this is vein "bipatisan" weak attempt to placate the moderate and liberal voters of New Hampshire that like to cry and wail: "The Environment." 

Just watch what happens next.