Asking Some Questions.

As is my continuing policy of not dealing in rumors and speculation, on Monday I'm going to try and get in contact with a corporate officer of Hitchner Manufacturing in Milford, NH. This will be relative to their operations in Littleton and/if and when they are scheduled to shut down their operations and how this creates local unemployment and loss of tax base.

With the prices of metals being on the decline, I'm actually surprised they've stayed as long as they have, but my ideas and corporate strategy isn't important here. What is important is reports that I've read in the local media about what elected officials like Executive Councilor Joe Kenney have done about this situation?Back In The Day This Was A Shoe Factory. It's Scheduled To Close One Again. Unemployment.

My guess is that nothing has been done. But I haven't spoken with anyone either.

As I've also previously reported I've contacted the three declared candidates for state senate district one which are incumbent Sen. Jeff Woodburn, Rep. Leon Rideout and Dolly McPhaul. All three of them simply ignored my request. Which isn't surprising.

Unemployment and taxbase doesn't seem to be a big priority for any of these candidates.

Monday will be an interesting day.