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To The Editor:

  As a part of his fledgling campaign for the state senate, Rep. Leon Rideout reveals alot about what the future may bring if he is elected.

  "The North Country needs a Senator that puts residents over partisan politics."Rideout said. Beyond the campaign gloss this says alot. Rep. Rideout seems to be an avid supporter of starving the size of state government by cuts in spending, regardless of it's consequences. Rep. Rideout supports slashing funding for programs like Planned Parenthood and Medicaid Expansion. It doesn't seem to matter that thousands of granite staters would lose access to health care without these programs, and especially in rural areas like the North Country. Residents over partisan politics. Indeed.

  I asked Rep. Rideout what his response is to the pending closure of Hitchner Manufacturing in Littleton and the loss of some 135 full-time local jobs. Rep. Rideout blew me off.