They Own It. Really They Do.


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If there were any real doubt that New Hampshire is bought and paid for by wealthy people, one would only have to look at the state's closed rest areas.

They own the state and THEY make the decisions. Those people.

For example the state made the fiscally prudent decision(s) to close the state rest area at Littleton, NH and there are others. But this week a cadre of appointed officials, appointed by THEM followed by a troup of talking parrots (elected officials) have come up with some really novel ideas on how to keep this rest area open.The State Could Lease The Closed Rest Areas To A Company Like The Pilot. But THEY won't do this. It isn't THEIR vision for New Hampshire.

The state could easily solve this situation. All of the closed rest areas are on routes heavilly used by trucks. These rest areas could be leased to a large truck stop chain like the Pilot. The state would make some money in the process.

But THEY don't want this. All these Ivy league educated, superior types want some cute little building so the nice, polite tourists can come and get some glossy brochure and it's all very nice. They can even bring along their cute little poodle dog. Have you seen some of these people that have poodle dogs?

They are just like the people that are making all the decisions in New Hampshire. And there is alot to show for it too.