If Trump Could Win.

I've stopped paying attention to the Presidental Primary here in New Hampshire. My impression is that alot of people have. Sure there are some politicos and diehards that are positioning and looking for the best candidate, but I heard something today,

"I'll be glad when it's over."

Meeee Tooooooo........

Guess I lost interest in the whole process when former NY Gov. George Pataki slid down into the single digits. Right about the time Trump started surging. I've been to New York numerous times and seen first hand the empire zones advanced under Gov. Pataki, but it's apparant that the electorate would rather listen to sound bites instead of substance.

"I'll be glad when all of this is over."It Ain't Over Till It's Over. But I Think It's Over. The Result: Unremarkable.

It looks like some of the candidates have already jumped ship. Haven't seen Florina or Santorum in weeks this is followed by Kaisch. Guess in my limted view Bush, Rubio and Christie are the only real runners in contention for this primary. I'll make my predictions now.

Winter finally arrives in mid January in a big way and the turnout reaches the "very poor" level. The Donald takes this and I'll put the second spot to Christie I think he has worked harder than the rest of the field in securing strategic endorsements that actually work the field and this means something.