Avant Essentric Bad Politics.

As I previously reported, this morning I went to the Littleton District office of Rep. Annie Kuster. I'm really disappointed that there wasn't anyone there to discuss my concern(s) about the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the administration of one of their programs in the Granite State.

So let's move on.

I'm looking around the nice office building and there is some essentric paintings on the wall. Normally, I might take some time to consider some meaning here, but on this day I'm disappointed so I simply decide to leave but perhaps there really is a meaning and reason why these paintings are in fact here?

There Is Some Essentric Art Near Rep. Kuster's Office. Perhaps There Is A Real Meaning Here?

So I decided to go down to get a coffee. As I'm driving downtown I'm thinking about an 'art appreciation' course I took, it was average. The instructor spent a great deal of time discussing the history of art like the renaissance period in Italy. I asked the instructor why she wasn't covering degenerate art?

"Art has to be positive." she said.

Wonder if the building owner and Rep. Kuster are attempting to portray a positive image.Be Careful Who You Listen To. This Is Degenerate Art."Art Has To Be Positive." The Instructor Said. This Is Degenerate Art.