Office Closed-On Vacation.

I can definitely see that there is a growing divide between government and the people.

The government and 'the people' are two separate entities. It's them and us.

It really doesn't matter that the government is financed by 'us' and supposed to be serving 'us.' Because ultimately it's about them and what gets served by them. Namely, themselves.

This is what I experienced today.

I'm having an issue with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. I'm going into specific details, but it is an issue. It is my understanding from living in a small town that other residents of the North Country are having similar if not the same issue(s) that I am. So, this in mind I tried to go to U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster's office on 33 Main Street in Littleton to see what can be done.Office Hours Posted. It was closed. Is This Constituant Service?

It's a nice office in a nice building. Just the type of place a Member of Congress should be using for 'constituant service.' or at least in theory this is how it should work. So I went there on a Monday morning. It was closed. They even have a nice sign on the door stating the hours that it is open. For example: Monday 8:30-4:30.


Presidential candidate Rand Paul has an office next door, it too was closed. No hours were posted on the door. So I wrote down the number for Rep. Kuster's office in Concord (603)-226-1002 and walked around the area a bit. Very nice building with nice carpeting, offices furniture, plants, etc. All kinds of eccentric art on the walls. I'd say it was thought provoking, but it wasn't.

Guess I'm old fashoned. If office hours are posted then there should be office hours.

Constituent service.