Bringing It Back.

Speaker Jasper is bringing back something that has gone away in recent years. Having the presidential candidates gives speeches before the NH House. This is good and bad.

They did this when I was there, all of the candidates did basically the same thing: get up thank everyone for serving in an elected job that pays $100.00/year and then move on to non-controversial 'talking points' which every candidate has the ability to do.Ability To Give A Great Speech But Will She Do This?

Perhaps this is good because it brings the candidate into the Statehouse bad because it burns up alot of time. At least in my view. This is somewhat like having the Hopkinton State Band play right before the session, alot of the older legislators seem to really like this. Good entertainment in the NH House.

Carly Fiorina is scheduled to give one of these speeches. I hope at the very least she uses this as a forum to lite a political fire. Her poll numbers could use this and she does have the ability to give a really good speech.

But will she do this.

My guess is that she will not.