Passing It On.

So yesterday, as reported, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to go to Rep. Annie Kuster's district office in Littleton to express a concern I'm having about a state program offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

But the story does not end here at least not yet anyways.

At this point I called the district office in Concord and was politely greeted and had my information "passed on to one her colleagues."Colleagues I like this word, so intellectual and academic. I'm more accustomed to "hey you."Big World Out There. Even In New Hampshire Politics

Different world this is for sure. Well, at least I know my place in it.

About a half-hour later, perhaps more like 15 minutes I got a call from an Aseeb Niazi of the Nashua District office (think I spelled name right), in any case Mr. Niazi was very professional and listened to my concerns which are now in writing and headed towards his office.

I'm still disapointed that I couldn't speak with a person at the Littleton office but I'm very pleased at the rest of the 'constituant service' provided by Rep. Kuster's staff members. I can recall Rep. Charlie Bass never provided service like this, never.

We'll have to see what happens next...