At A Worse Time.

As is my policy I don't deal in rumors, but something it happening that really demonstrates to me how screwed up things go in Concord in not only the elected side but the growing bureaucarcy that serves it.

So here I go....The Price Of All Metals Is Down. Now Isn't The Time To Be Selling Metals. What Are They Thinking In Concord?

Several years ago I when scrap steel prices were approaching the stratosphere I contacted my local state representative Rep. Martha McLeod and the then administrator of state railroads Chris Morgan about abandoning (scrapping) the unused and rusting state rail line between Littleton and Whitefield. It wasn't unreasonable that the scrap including demolition costs would have fetched $225,000.00 which would have been a good deal and opened a corridor up for re-use.

Well, they wouldn't hear of my idea. Instead they waxed on about how much potential that there was for new business to come and use this rail line. I tried to argue that the only way new business would come is if they were offered a financial subsidy by the state. And New Hampshire does not offer subsidies for business to use the rail.

Not one business has located on this segment of rail line. Not one.


It's my understanding that the state has now advanced plans to abandon this section of rail line from Littleton to Wing Road. And guess what the state is going to get for the sale of scrap steel?

Likely nothing. They'll probally have to pay someone to come and haul the scrap away. Now if they were thinking they wouldn't be abandoning it now. They would wait until the prices of metals will rise, which they will.

But we all know NHInisiders this isn't the way it works in Concord.