Getting Nothing For It.

This is a continuation blog from an earlier post. This is a shot of the proposed to-be-abandoned railroad line between Littleton and Wing Road.

I'm not questioning the re-use of the corridor. It's sitting rusting now, as it has been for some time, and with all the steel gone this could be used by snowmobiles and ATVs and would fit into the local tourist economy.This Is Littleton,NH. If The State Abandons This Rail Line They Won't Get Anything For The Scrap.

My arguement is that the price of steel is so low it just isn't a quality or economic idea to move forward with the abandonment of the rail. It seems like Concord does alot of things this way, it's never about viability it's like they make decisions on the basis of their world and what works for them on that particluar day.

Too many elected officials are simply "going along with it."